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So You Want to Stream: a 4K / UHD OTT Offering

There are many things to consider when it comes to 4K / Ultra-High Definition (UHD) for Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery. First, can 4K / UHD be delivered successfully Over-The-Top in a revenue generating manner? The answer is absolutely, yes. Secondly, does delivering 4K / UHD Over-The-Top / OTT have obstacles or challenges? The answer to this question is also absolutely, yes. Also, is the market there yet and is this a viable business strategy?

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So You Want to Stream: Considerations for Launching a Streaming Service

As an operator of a streaming service, understanding at some level how video gets streamed to a customer, and also how a customer accesses video streams, is critical. When an operator knows where their company or organization fits in the streaming landscape, making informed decisions becomes much easier. In this paper, we discuss what to consider when launching a streaming service, and provide important questions that operators should ask themselves and their potential vendors.

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Streaming Apps: You Are Here

How do you know which streaming app platform to go with, and who do you approach to help you? The number of over-the-top (OTT) platforms on the market is larger than ever. iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku, Android TV, the list goes on and on... In this white paper, we walk through some of the common questions our customers have when coming up with an app strategy, and describe how we provide the guidance needed to create a complete solution to help them achieve their goals.

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The Genesis of a Streaming Platform

An end-to-end OTT solution requires a robust streaming architecture coupled with a global, streaming-optimized CDN. To address the needs of our enterprise customers serving subscription-based content, Tulix Systems created TNA, a highly scalable streaming platform that is proving to be one of the fastest and most reliable, feature-rich streaming platforms on the market today. Coupled with Tulix's Video Delivery Network, TNA delivers media content to global audiences with an unprecedented level of stability and speed.

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A CDN Without POPs

We are frequently asked how many POPs we have and where our edge servers are located, the two metrics that seem to be the most popular means of gauging the quality of a CDN at first glance. However, our unique CDN was built on an infrastructure with no POPs at all, and though we have added and are continuing to add servers in various locations, the core of the Tulix CDN is a centralized distribution system optimized for live streaming and housed in our data centers in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Navigating the Realm of OTT Set-Top-Boxes

Roku, Google TV, Apple TV. These are just a few of the devices that have found their way into the living rooms of millions of consumers in recent years. While the growing number of set-top-boxes and smart TVs has afforded viewers with an unprecedented level of choice, many broadcasters have either not recognized the value of delivering their content to these devices or are intimidated by the perceived hurdles of creating their own applications for them. Our guide dispels some common misconceptions about the set-top-boxes on the market and shows how broadcasters can reach the millions using them.