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Faith-Based and House of Worship


Ministries and faith-based broadcasters around the world use streaming as a way to give their existing followers additional means to watch their content, and as a means of spreading their message to new people all around the world. Tulix has worked extensively with organizations of all sizes, from small churches streaming and recording their sermons, to large faith-based broadcasters on satellite and terrestrial channels, to build their digital presence and stream their content to viewers around the world on all devices.


Live Streaming

Weekly sermon to a small congregation? Large event with lots of simultaneous viewers? No matter what you’re planning, we’ll help you configure and prepare for your event, then deliver it to your viewers around the world on any device.

Broadcast Streaming

We find the best source for your broadcast: either from an IP encoder, directly from your satellite, or from your uplink/playout provider. Then we transcode it if necessary (e.g. for MPEG-TS streams) and ingest it for processing and delivery.


All of your live, linear, DVR, and VOD content is delivered via the TulixCDN, engineered to provide the best possible live streaming experience along the world’s fastest backbones using route optimization technology.

Video On Demand (VOD)

Upload, transcode, and manage all of your video assets using Tulix’s online video platforms. All content is hosted in Tulix’s secure data centers and delivered via our global CDN.


Make your content more accessible using a variety of streaming technologies offered by Tulix, including adaptive bitrate transcoding, cloud-based DVR archiving, and more.

Web and Apps

In an increasingly connected world, streaming technology gives you the means to spread your message to more people than ever. Reach viewers anywhere in the world and on any device with custom web streaming and apps for all major platforms (including Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and more).

Donation and Funding

Generate revenue from streamed content with Tulix’s monetization system, which includes subscription and pay-per-view billing, as well as video ad-insertion. Monetize on all devices and use Tulix’s CRM system to engage your viewers and give them the ability to support your stream.


Make intelligent decisions about your streaming infrastructure and content strategy with the help of Tulix’s Streaming Analytics Suite.


Easy Set-Up

Streaming may be entirely new, or you may just not have a lot of time or resources to dedicate to getting you streaming up and running. We make it easy to get started by providing you with an encoder or helping you find one that matches your needs. If you’re a satellite broadcasters, we can even get your broadcast directly from one of our downlink facility, no equipment needed!

Guidance and Consultation

We have a wealth of experience working with faith-based broadcasters and ministries of all sizes. By working directly with you to understand your goals, we come up with a streaming solution that will help you maximize your reach while remaining within your budget.

Highest Streaming Quality

Your viewers want to watch your content stutter-free, on any device, wherever they are in the world. The quality of your streaming is almost as important as the quality of your content, because most viewers will not sit through a buffering video, no matter how great it is. The TulixCDN is built and optimized specifically for streaming video delivery and we guarantee the best possible viewing experience around the world on all devices.


No matter how large your organization is, you have budgetary constraints that you need to stay within. By providing all of the components to your streaming solution, we ensure that it is as cost-effective as possible. You can also give your viewers the ability to support your streaming by providing additional content for subscription or pay-per-view fees, all of which is possible with our billing system.


We provide an end-to-end solution that includes everything you need to get your content from source to screen. All of our systems are developed and operated in-house, so we can customize your solution to meet all of your unique needs. Every component was built with streaming in mind to provide the best possible experience for your viewers.

Stability & Support

Piecing together a full streaming solution from multiple vendors is not just expensive, but it can turn into a huge headache. Sometimes the pieces don’t fit, and integration hurdles slow down your deployment timeframes and add to your costs. Troubleshooting issues further down the line can be difficult, because you may not know who to contact. We provide the full solution, so not only is it guaranteed to work, but you know exactly who to contact when you need support.