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Case Studies

Ariana Television Stream

Tulix Helps Ariana Television Stream and Protect Content

March 4, 2015 - ATN required top notch, high quality video streaming, a robust and reliable content delivery network and asked Tulix to provide much needed stream authentication so that ATN would only pay for streams being viewed from its site and applications. On top of all this, ATN needed accurate analytics related to viewer counts, locations and stats. ATN received all of this and more from the Tulix delivered solution.

NRB Network

Tulix's Launch of the New NRB Network Roku Channel

February 11, 2015 - NRB Network picked a partner in Tulix capable of developing a simple and easy to use end user interface, a powerful back office solution, secure authentication services, quality video transcoding and streaming PLUS a reliable network operator with Telco carrier class delivery.