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OTT and IPTV Service Operators


Monetize your streamed content on all devices using Tulix’s End-To-End OTT and IPTV Streaming Solution. Whether you deliver content over the internet (OTT) or via a closed network (IPTV), we can help you generate subscription and pay-per-view revenue from live, linear, DVR, and VOD content. Start your own pay-TV business or create your own multi channel service offer. All you need is the content, we provide the solution to help you stream and monetize it.


Satellite Downlink

Tulix operates satellite head-ends in three different countries, which lets us capture a variety of broadcast sources and convert them to streaming formats for distribution via an OTT or IPTV service.


Have your own encoders and transponders? We can ingest any source (RTMP, HLS, MPEG-TS over UDP, RTSP, MMS, and more) and convert them to streaming formats compatible with all devices.

Stream Delivery

All of your live, linear, DVR, and VOD content is delivered via the TulixCDN, engineered to provide the best possible live streaming experience along the world’s fastest backbones using route optimization technology.


Enhance the viewer experience using a variety of streaming technologies offered by Tulix, including adaptive bitrate transcoding, video on-demand (VOD), cloud-based DVR (catch-up TV), and more.

Websites & Apps

Reach viewers wherever they are with web streaming and apps for all major platforms (Roku, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, etc.). We develop custom, branded apps that viewers can download to watch all of your content with security, authentication, and monetization integration.


Generate revenue from streamed content with Tulix’s monetization system, which includes subscription and pay-per-view billing, as well as, video ad-insertion. Monetize on all devices and use Tulix’s CRM system to nurture and engage your viewer base.


Protect your content from theft using token authentication security on Tulix’s TNA streaming platform, compatible with all devices. Restrict access to your content to specific geographic locations. We can also help you integrate your DRM/security solution of choice.


Find out who your viewers are, what devices they’re watching from, where they’re located, and much, much more with Tulix’s Streaming Analytics Suite, which lets you access real-time and past data to make informed decisions about your content and monetization strategy.


Complex Solution, Made Simple

Building an IPTV OTT solution from the ground up is no easy task. You need encoders, middleware, a CDN, app developers, the list goes on and on… We provide the full solution with all the components you need, so there’s no need to work with multiple vendors. All you need to worry about is the business side of things, we’ll handle the rest.

Rapid Deployment

Time to market is a huge factor in an ever-growing industry. You want to get your streaming platform and brand out there as soon as possible. We can have a complete, fully-customized IPTV OTT solution up and running for you in as little as two weeks.

Guaranteed Stability

When your business is generating revenue from streamed video content, nothing is more important than the stability of your technical infrastructure. A problem anywhere in the chain; from the encoders, to the network, to the end-user apps, can lead to unsatisfied customers and lost business. We know this, which is why our streaming architecture is designed for the highest-possible level of stability.

Streamlined Support

Our entire network infrastructure is owned and operated by us and all of our software components (content management systems, CRM, websites/apps, etc.) are developed in-house, making it easy for us to provide rapid support and fulfill custom modification requests

Superior Network

We are one of the few CDNs to own and operate our own data centers, giving us full control of the network infrastructure, which we built from the ground up to work optimally for global video streaming to all devices. We use route optimization so that every stream follows the optimal network path to each viewer along only the major tier 1 backbones we use to deliver content.