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Online DVR for Roku, Google TV, Mobile & PC/Mac

We now have the ability to integrate DVR functionality into your Roku and Google TV channel(s). We record your stream for daily, weekly or monthly periods and make it available to your viewers on demand through their preferred streaming devices, including Google TV, Roku, Smart TV, PC/Mac, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. The DVR will function in the same way as regular on demand content on Roku. Your viewers will see a complete history of your stream in two hour segments, from which they can select a video and fast forward to the time and content they want to watch. Online DVR for Roku gives your viewers the ability to watch your programming at their convenience.

Online DVR for desktop devices

Our Online DVR application records your live stream in real time and allows your audience to pause and rewind your stream whenever they want. It can record up to 14 days of programming. Online DVR fully supports standard H.264/AAC streaming, meaning you only need a single encoder to stream using the Flash platform. Just like other Tulix streaming platforms, you can access detailed analytics about your views and bandwidth usage at any time. You can also choose between creating a playlist from your video files with our software or rebroadcasting a live video stream. An embedded show schedule and password protection are both optional features that can be implemented at your request.

 Did You Know?

  • Tulix charges less than 10¢ per GB of bandwidth/per month for streaming on our streaming-optimized CDN network.
  • We have our own data center in the heart of Atlanta, with multiple GigE connections to major international backbones

Customer Review

“Best streaming company on the web. Unmatched price and service.”

Michael Wayne,Guru Enterprises.

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