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Tulix's Live Streaming Solutions

Live streaming is the core of Tulix's business and we invest countless amounts of time, energy and resources into making sure our network remains one of the best in the world for streaming and content distribution. We own data centers with connections to multiple Tier 1 networks, which allows us to provide customers with top-quality service at an incredibly cost-effective price. While many companies charge inflated prices on bandwidth they are reselling from other content delivery networks, we keep our costs down by investing in our own infrastructure and maintaining a staff of skilled developers and computer engineers that work around the clock to ensure uptime and provide excellent customer service.

Adobe Flash Streaming
The Adobe Flash platform is an extremely popular means of distributing multiple forms of media and allows users to stream to a wide variety of compatible devices. Streams are very simple to set up and easily accessible from a full array of devices.
Windows Media and Silverlight Streaming
Streaming to Windows Media Player is a simple and efficient way to reach your viewers. Since all Windows PC's come preloaded with the player, compatibility and browser plug-ins are never an issue. You can choose to embed your stream on your website or make it open in Windows Media Player through a link. We also support the Microsoft Silverlight framework, which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X computers as well as a full array of mobile devices.
Mobile Streaming
The Tulix UniStream™ platforms can be used to stream to all of the most popular hand-held devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, HTC, BlackBerry and other smartphones. We support multiple bitrate streaming and can scale resolution to fit the different devices connecting to your stream.

If you need it, we can also develop streaming apps for the Apple, Android and BlackBerry stores and websites that run in mobile browsers.
IPTV and Over-the-Top Boxes
With the high cost of cable and satellite TV, many consumers are switching to more affordable and accessible streaming alternatives, such as Roku, Google TV and other over-the-top (OTT) boxes as well as TVs with integrated "Smart TV" streaming platforms. We have a wealth of experience in developing for these devices and can help you get your own branded channel into millions of living rooms across the globe.
Event Streaming
Planning a one-time event that you want to stream without paying for a monthly plan? We have packages that let you broadcast any event, large or small, to all the devices and screens we normally stream to (with the exception of set-top-boxes and IPTV's that require app/channel creation). Contact us to discuss your specific event streaming needs
With our TimeZoneLIVE™ streaming technology, we can adjust the playback of your stream based on the time zone the viewer is in. With TimeZoneLIVE™, you can ensure that your content reaches the largest (and most profitable) possible audience at a schedule that is the same across the globe, wherever your viewers may be.

 Did You Know?

  • Tulix charges less than 10¢ per GB of bandwidth/per month for streaming on our streaming-optimized CDN network.
  • We have our own data center in the heart of Atlanta, with multiple GigE connections to major international backbones

Customer Review

“Bible Explorations ministry has been extremely pleased working with Tulix over the last few years. They are always ready to help and always answer questions immediately. The price is good, and they are always keeping track of things and helping me.”

Sandy Clark, Bible Explorations.

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